Our partners

Collaborate with Fairfood International
For Fairfood International to be able to facilitate change towards a sustainable food and beverage industry, partnerships are essential.

Partnerships are always based on mutual willingness and cooperation, shared responsibilities, transparency, and mutual benefit. Fairfood and its partners collaborate on objectives to share networks, share knowledge, execute joint activities, fundraise together and/or to enroll in a capacity development trajectory. Through this collaboration, Fairfood and its partners are able to do their workmore efficiently and effectively than they would by working separately.

Fairfood has established partnerships with organisations, institutions, agencies, universities, labour unions, local authorities, and businesses that have shared goals and common values and principles. Fairfood has a broad variety of partnerships in different regions of the world and with different mandates.

Are you interested in a partnership with Fairfood International?
Please contact Sander de Jong (director):
t: +31 6 272 411 32
e: sander.dejong@fairfood.org