Our donors

Fairfood’s work is funded by the generous contributions of governments, foundations, institutions and individuals. Our donors’ contribution is essential to the achievement of our goals. We are grateful for their commitment to our cause.


The Nationale Postcode Loterij (Dutch Postcode Lottery) is the largest charity lottery in the Netherlands, having raised funds for organisations that work for a greener and fairer world since 1989. Fifty per cent of the proceeds from the lottery tickets are distributed to charitable organisations active in the fields of environmental protection, development cooperation and human rights.

The Nationale Postcode Loterij has been supporting Fairfood and its goals since 2009, with an annual donation of 500.000 euros. Thanks to the Loterij, Fairfood’s advocacy efforts towards the food industry have been intensified worldwide. Connect with the Dutch Postcode Lottery via the web, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


The Ford Foundation is one of the largest grantmaking organisations in the world. Established in 1936, they distribute more than $16.3 billion in grants worldwide and fund about 1,400 projects annually. The Ford Foundation supports visionary leaders and organisations on the frontlines of social change worldwide to strengthen democratic values, reduce poverty and injustice, promote international cooperation and advance human achievement.

The Ford Foundation has been supporting Fairfood’s ‘Empowering Moroccan tomato workers to improve their livelihoods’ project since September 2014. The goal is to strengthen the advocacy, campaigning, negotiating and bargaining capacity of agricultural workers in the Moroccan tomato sector in the Souss Massa Drâa regionthrough the Moroccan labour union Fédération Nationale du Secteur Agricole (FNSA).


CNV Internationaal is a Dutch Christian trade union federation with a support base of over 350,000 members which enables national trade unions in developing countries to improve the working conditions of women and men.

CNV Internationaal has been contributing to Fairfood’s work since 2008: it supports the Workers Empowerment Project (the WE Project) which provides capacity development  for local trade unions to design and implement evidence-based “soft-power advocacy campaigns”. Through the WE Project, Fairfood empowers the local trade unions as agents of change who are able to act on social, economic and environmental issues in supply chains.



The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the main provider of the Netherlands development cooperation with the world. Its priorities are water, food security, security and the legal order, and sexual and reproductive health and rights, with fighting HIV/AIDS as a major component. In 2012 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spent €4.34 billion on development cooperation and invested €200 million in projects using Dutch business and academic expertise to foster economic growth, such as enhancing food production in developing countries.

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs funds Fairfood International through its MSF-II co-financing system for sustainable development since 2010. Fairfood receives this funding within the IMPACT Alliance (Innovative Mitigation of Poverty Actions) which consists of Oxfam Novib, SOMO, Butterfly Works, 1% Club and Hirda.


de brauw

We would like to express a special thank you to the law firm De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek for being our ‘Corporate In-kind’ sponsor, donating 100 pro-bono hours yearly to assist our legal team.